One Up Mushroom Products is a company dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms. Formerly known as Mushroom Spring, you may have enjoyed our delicious mushrooms at some of the best restaurants in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. As One Up Mushroom Products, we continue to grow and distribute high-quality mushrooms for our customers, but we have also expanded our operations to include a variety of mushroom-based nutritional supplements and nutrients. We are very passionate about the world of mycology and the endless possibilities, benefits and solutions that fungi and mycelium can offer. Our current product catalog is divided into three general categories: Gourmet, Wellness and Merch. We grow delicious, nutritious, high-quality, and delicious mushrooms that can be eaten fresh or stored when dried, and we also make natural health supplements from our favorite mushroom varieties in the form of dual-extraction tinctures.


Here at one up mushroom bars would like to spread our heartfelt condolences to all the families coping with loss, due to some illnesses and to people who may have encounter hospitalization from the use of mushroom products produced by villainous, greedy manufacturers who unfortunately share our industry and also with those who have lost their money online to fraudsters who are pretending to be us.

We at Official One Up Mushroom bar will never jeopardize our product quality and standard just to make extra bucks, at the expense of the health of our loyal clients. The secret to the growth of our company has been our superb quality which can be testified by many of our customers; never causing sickness rather brings a very pleasant and refreshing experience during and after consumption.

We aim at increasing customer satisfaction by increasing quality at very moderate prices, feel free to ask questions via email, live chat or our phone number